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A new day is dawning. Ductless Heat Pumps and the technology they use will soon become the main new form of heating in both new construction and retrofit projects. This part of our business grows 2x every year and has been described by most users as 'heating magic'. They just simply do an amazing job at heating and cooling a home.

  • Super High Efficiency with no duct loss
  • Inverter Driven variable speed compressors
  • Precise compressor speed to match needs
  • Zone control for precise comfort
  • Uber Quiet Operation
  • Designed to run longer to improve dehumidification
  • Easier Install (no ducts!)
  • Wired and Wireless remotes
  • Air Filtration built into every head
  • Awesome, Awesome, Awesome

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Unknown said...

I guess it depends upon your experience. I have seen these throughout the world. I have only seen window units in the US. A company I am familiar with is the Frederich Distributor for Duckless split units in my area. Their main problem is that they don't have enough people who are installing them. The units have really begun to take off in the last few years after being introduced in the late 90's. There are earlier units but of a very different style.

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