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Tips from the Tech: What should I set my thermostat at?

"Over the years, if there is one question that I have been asked more than any other, it is this one. My usual response is where ever you feel comfortable, and that is about as true and honest a statement as I can make. Remember, you are paying the energy bill (in most cases) so don't leave it set at a point where you think you are saving money but sacrificing your comfort and possible health. Too low of a heating setting during the Fall and Winter months can lead to cold drafts across floors, colds and discomfort, mold growth in cooler and damp areas that are not getting enough warm air flow, build up of combustion by-products which leads to failure, more dust in the house from lack of circulation, and most of all, just down right discomfort! (whew)

Having said that, here are some quick rules of thumb on system setbacks.
  • Furnace System: No more than 5 Degrees in the Winter, 8 Degrees for Spring and Fall
  • Heat Pump System: No setback in the Winter, 3 Degrees for Spring and Fall
  • Radiant System: No setback in the Winter, 3 Degrees for Spring and Fall
The idea is that in the winter, if you let your house get to cold, then you are not just re-heating the air but the entire mass and everything in it (furniture, walls, etc.) So, be comfortable and if you do not have a digital thermostat, get one. I believe there is a tip I wrote on that below."

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