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Ductless Design: Displacement vs Replacement

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Considering a Ductless Heat Pump install? Do you understand the difference between a single head or multi head? Do you know the difference between the popular brands? But most of all, do you understand the difference between a ductless system designed for displacement vs designed for replacement?

This one conversation is what separates most ductless system designers, the distinction that defines satisfaction and the line between improvement and control.

In my circles, when we talk about satisfaction, its not just about something being installed to a certain standard, it is about the short term and the long term. Its about the results, did the system deliver what was promised? With that in mind, lets talk about the difference between a system design to improve efficiency and comfort vs one that is design to control efficiency and comfort.

Displacement (improvement)

The evolution of the ductless install and designed displacement is by far the single most important thing that has happened in our industry in the last 10 years. It doesn't matter if you have baseboard, electric furnace, gas furnace, wood stove, radiant heat or oil heat, there is not one situation where adding a single head ductless heat pump does not represent the highest value in the market today.