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Issues:  Upstairs is significantly hotter during the heating
season by several degrees, very low humidity in home, resulting in cracked skin and nose bleeds in children.  Severe allergies to pollen and dust. Very high Propane bills..."By definition - Miserable" - Homeowner Comment

Discoveries:  Ductwork leading to downstairs area has large holes leaking into the crawlspace, resulting in severe negative pressure in downstairs area.  Return air intake and ductwork are pulling from the crawlspace and delivering into home.  Area has exposed insulation being drawn into home as well from mechanical room.  House has no controlled ventilation so it is breathing from chimney and crawlspace.  Duct work is undersized and poorly installed, tankless heater has no maintenance kit installed leaving it unserviceable.

Results:  Upstairs is now exactly the same temperature as lower floor.  Home smells more 'fresh' and severe allergic reactions have improved 'overnight'.  Humidity issues improved.  Duct Sealing, Modification and repair along with HE Furnace and ERV are saving customer approx. $175/mo on utility bills (60% Savings).

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