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The Honeywell TrueFresh (ERV)

Install with...Everything.

There is not a single house or family that cannot benefit from having an ERV installed. I will always stand by the fact that fresh air is key to Indoor Air Quality, the problem is that most homes bring in fresh air with out any control. The ERV allows you to bring in fresh air and exhaust stale air while losing minimal energy. Probably the most important feature to the TrueFresh ERV is it's ability adjust to indoor air pressure, making it able to keep your house at a neutral pressure in relation to the outside; keeping your money inside and the cold outside!

Honeywell ERV

TrueFresh is a whole-house Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) that exchanges the stale air of an average-sized home with clean fresh air about once every two hours. Equipped with two fans, one fan draws fresh air into the building while the other pushes stale air out.  As the two air streams cross, they pass through the patented heat exchanger that transfers both heat and moisture from one air stream to another.  In other words, the heat from the air being exhausted is transferred to the fresh inbound air.

As outside air enters the ERV, it’s also forced through a filter to capture incoming contaminants. After passing through the patented heat exchanger, the warmed or cooled fresh air is distributed through the house through the existing HVAC duct work. The heat energy from the outbound stale air is transferred to the incoming air flow. This creates incoming air temperature closer to the temperature already inside the home, therefore requiring less energy to condition the new air.

Primary Benefits

  • Delivers a continuous flow of clean, fresh, healthy air
  • Saves energy by recovering 80% of heat energy
  • Balances air flow and pressure
  • Reduces cold air drafts
  • Maintains consistent humidity settings
  • Lowest Cost-of-Ownership
  • Lowest Electrical Footprint
  • Exhausts pollutants out to improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Reduces wear and tear on HVAC system – extends service life
  • Reduces usage of A/C system – saves energy
  • Easiest whole-house ERV to install and maintain

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