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Tips from the Tech: Why Choose Variable Speed?

"It is hard to add to much to what Wes already said in his article Variable Speed = Health, Savings and Comfort, but what I will tell you is that the Health part of it is HUGE! Your furnace can go months without turning on, even if you have a fancy filter it is still doing nothing during that time. I cringe when I see a nice filtration system on a standard furnace. Here are some of the highlights on what a variable speed blower will do for you.
  1. Lower your system noise level and drafts.
  2. Cleans the air in your home
  3. Utilizes latent heat in your house to save on fuel costs
  4. Constant fan operation actually is better for the fan that start and stop operation
  5. Increases the efficiency of your equipment
  6. Evens out the temperature differences in different parts of your home
If you are considering or are in the middle of buying a furnace, try your hardest to invest in this type of system. You will be glad you did!

If you need to know more just give Wes a holler. His number is in the top right corner." -Bob T.

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